Saturday, 7 July 2007

How you can help

The council has confirmed that it will not re-open the consultation period. So we must use other methods of impressing on them the strength of feeling.

1. We are asking supporters to collect names on our petitions. We have two petitions.
One is a 'traditional' paper petition, which we are asking to be completed only by people who live in the proposed area of exception. We want to demonstrate the strength of opposition within the area. Click here to download petition sheets.

A second 'e' petition is available on the Downing Street website. We are asking everyone to sign this one (as it addresses the wider point of principle which arises from the proposed area of exception).

Please tell as many people as possible, we have more than 120 signatures so far, and need 100 for it to be looked at by Downing Street; ideally in excess of 4000 to show a real opposition.

2. We are also asking you to contact your ward councillors and invite them to meet with residents to discuss concerns. Please email your councillor and copy in the council and Councillor Guy Nicholson, cabinet member for planning and Sue Foster, planning officer - see addressed below.,,,

New River:,,,

Springfield ward:,,,

Lordship ward:,,,

Suggestions and ideas

This campaign will only succeed if we work together. Please forward any ideas, or suggestions as to how we can increase the pressure on the councillors to Hackney Planning Watch.

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